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Liner Note: Eric Smedberg / Desert Weather

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Eric Smedberg / Desert Weather

I see music as a fire that is always burning and has always been a part of humanity. I feel as if I live with so much musical inspiration that I’m obligated to grab a torch and do something with it. If I identify with a piece of music, I light up and become it.

At some point during the writing process of almost all my songs, I shed actual tears. I honestly don’t know why this happens. It even happens sometimes if the song content isn’t really ‘deep’ at all. I suppose it has something to do with the sheer magnitude of music and what it means to me. There was one time years ago when I had a creative breakthrough on a song, and I went in the shower, laid down and started balling my eyes out.

My neighbor, who is also a musician/songwriter, says there’s something wrong with me for how much he hears me working on my craft. He can hear me in my room making demos constantly. He tells me I inspire him to work harder and be a better writer.  That’s the fire. That’s how it works.

Favorite Record Store

Amoeba Records – Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Concert Venue

Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

Desert Weather
Los Angeles, CA

Latest Release