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August 2, 2017 Nick Howland

Warm weather, pool parties, Vans Warped Tour. Summer means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but for those wanting to get some angst out in the parking lot, Warped Tour has been providing that since 1995. Bands that you’ve been reading about in Alternative Press and have had on your ‘must see’ list for years tend to find a headlining spot every year. Kevin Lyman and co. at Warped Tour also tend to find the up-and-coming bands who will be headlining the show years down the road. The bands you’ll eventually say you “saw____ at the ____ Vans Warped Tour.”

In the spirit of finding that next fabled band, here’s our list of our 4 favorite bands you should know from the 2017 Warped tour. Peruse the photos, take a listen to their music, and figure out who you’re going to see when Warped Tour knocks on your door.


“Fucking forget about me, you gotta save yourself.” Tillie brought her colorful outfit and angsty pop tunes to the Full Sail tent, bringing a bit of levity and spice to the crazy hot day. Besides bouncing around Warped Tour, Tillie has also snagged the attention of and collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly. Her latest single “Save Yourself” is a cute smile flashed before a sharp kick in the nuts.

Knocked Loose

There are bands that love their fans and there are bands that protect their crowdsurfing fans from falling face first into the photo pit. Knocked Loose, a hardcore band from Kentucky with integrity, paused mid-set as frontman Bryan Garris jumped offstage to help a fan in need when security failed to do their job. Moral of the story? Knocked Loose (and their music) is here for ya when you need them. So check out their track “Deadringer” from last year’s album Laugh Tracks.

Valient Thorr

There’s a lot of energy at Warped Tour. Mostly from the bands’ energetic music and stage presence, from varieties of punk and hardcore, as well as moshpits and crowdsurfing. Warped Tour is essentially one giant pit of passion for vans who want to thrash. Valient Thorr provided all of that in spades for their crowd (all of which were all wearing denim vests, I’m pretty sure). During their set vocalist Valient Himself (yes, that is his name) strutted around stage performing dance moves to honor the rock gods themselves, eventually shedding his shirt and thrusting himself into the audience to sing with the crowd providing backing vocals. Odin would have been proud.

While not a new band (their first album came out in 2005), Valient Thorr makes good ol’ rock music that makes ya move, groove, and smile a little larger. Spread the word and see them as they keep pushing through the country on Warped Tour. Take a listen to their latest album Old Salt while you’re at it.


It’s hard to choose a favorite set from a day crammed with incredible performances but Creeper’s set at the Full Sail stage has stuck with me. The UK thrash-punk band with just the right dash of goth exploded out onto the stage and didn’t let up for a second. They pounded through their songs while sneaking smiles at the audience, making us all feel like we were the chosen few allowed to witness something remarkably special. This is a band that’s begun to explode in the UK and are just starting to creep (sorry, not sorry) into the states. Do yourself a favor and make sure this is a band you look back on and say “I saw Creeper at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour.”