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There is a lot to love about Gabe Kubanda. Somewhere from his indie pop rocking to his impressive musical background, this guy will get under your skin in the best way possible. From Buckley, Washington and nestled in Goodyear, Arizona, this nationally touring solo act echoes across the country in the minds of the many.

Kubanda’s recently released video ‘Ready For The Letdown’ only gives to his fans. The video itself is shot over the course of several shows and in-between. Creating a peak at Kubanda’s world on tour and the passion-fueled performance he provides to anyone and everyone at his shows. Gabe has this to say about the video: ” I loved getting the fans involved and up on stage for this video!  I also wanted to show what life was like on the road for myself and the other artists on the Epic Proportions Tour.  It’s not always as glamorous as people think, so I wanted to show the travel times, inside the bus, lugging gear, early morning setups and tear downs, crashing on the couch, writing on the road, etc… :)”

While Kubanda’s youthful voice projects from the speakers, listeners are sent spinning into a brighter, more musically in tune world. To be able to experience this first hand, Kubanda’s upcoming shows can be found here in the near future. Until then, Kubanda’s website can more than satisfy even the greatest of itches for this alternative natural.


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