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All photos by Anna Selle

In its third year, the Kansas City Folk Festival continued it’s reputation for showcasing world class artists in a family friendly environment. Produced by Folk Alliance International, this year’s festival featured over 20 artists, including a room dedicated to kid-friendly artists. Through everything we saw, here were the three artists that we gravitated towards.

Rev. Sekou
Rev. Sekou, and his band, perform with such power and conviction, it was hard to turn away. Playing a special brand of rock n’ roll that is heavily steeped in blues and soul, Rev. Sekou held a large audience this past Sunday. With explosive moments and honest lyrics, Sekou was a great start to the afternoon.

The Singer And The Songwriter
Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran make up The Singer & The Songwriter. The duo create soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful and full of soul and emotion, the quaint pair swept the audience away; first time listeners and long-term fans.

The Canadian sisters that are Searson bring in a plethora of traditional folk sounds into their music. Performing a high energy set, it’s hard to resist the pair’s smile. Both sisters, and their backing band, all were having a visibly good time on stage, and inviting the audience to do so as well.