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This past Monday, Swedish folk-pop duo and sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg (aka First Aid Kit) came through Toronto on their 2018 tour across North America and Europe. Performing at the Danforth Music Hall in downtown, the sisters sold out the venue with a cap of over 1,500 with ease. Not really knowing what to expect of them and having no prior knowledge of their sound, I was pleased to hear that First Aid Kit fell within the same genre as Fleet Foxes (a personal favorite of mine). Playing a great mix between both previous albums and their 2018 release, Ruins, the Swedish-sisters absolutely owned the stage. With the audience turning and singing along to virtually every song, I was very impressed with how Klara and Johanna blended not only folk and pop, but a vintage country sound into their work as well.

Along with this, First Aid Kit’s stage and light set up really captivated my attention, which was also a treat to document. Admittedly, the highlight for me is when they covered Heart’s classic “Crazy On You”, which they absolutely nailed. Closing out the night with a killer encore, First Aid Kit definitely cemented their place on a list chock full of amazing and talented women musicians who have broken into the scene in 2018.

First Aid Kit continues their tour through springtime. Check out upcoming dates here.