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Kicking off her 2018 tour – ironically titled the Farewell Tour – back in early February, Phoebe Bridgers hit the Velvet Underground this past Wednesday, selling out the venue with apparent ease. Having only an EP released back in 2015 and her 2017 debut album, Stranger in the Alps, to her name, Bridgers has emerged as a rising and prominent singer/songwriter in the indie-folk department. Mainly acting as support on past tours for artists such as Julien Baker and Conor Oberst, Bridgers seems to finally be getting the spotlight and attention she is very much due. Ryan Adams has even gone as far as to say that she’s on track to become “the next Bob Dylan.” With all these praises from high places and all the inherent talent she possesses at such a young age, I was looking forward to her performance, and she did not disappoint in the slightest.

Packing the venue of over 450 to absolute capacity, the anticipation was highly palpable for Bridgers to take the stage. Displaying an air that was both confident and quirky, Bridgers had the audience’s attention grasped at every moment with vocals that could seamlessly change from soft to powerful in an instant. Songs such as “Smoke Signals” and “Demi Moore” really display the range that she has and the ability to blend both atmospheric pop into a classic indie-folk sound. I also sincerely appreciated the two covers she played, one a Tom Petty song “It’ll All Work Out” and the other the classic “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crowe. Iif music goers are looking for a performer with musical prowess and whose sound will make them feel both light-hearted and mournful, they definitely want to catch Phoebe Bridgers. She’ll be detouring to parts of the UK from March 4th-5th in support of Bon Iver, but will be back on her own headlining tour starting April 4th and lasting til late May.


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