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Swedish metal band, Ghost is accompanying Iron Maiden on The Book of Souls World Tour. What does this mean for the average reader? Nothing; the more musically inclined reader, however, will want to know why this is a big deal.

Beginning in 2008, rising from the isolation of Linköping, Sweden, Ghost has created a fanbase no one could see coming. From the darkest to the brightest souls, each and every one burns hotter with the musical blasphemies of this devil worshipping ministry.

Signed by Rise Above in 2010, and releasing their debut album Opus Eponymus quickly after, Ghost has risen high and reached its dark calling card into the hearts of many. With three albums and countless singles under the Ghost belt, members of the musical cult continue to influence the adolescents of our society with a message of satanic melodies and evocative screams.

Touring with Iron Maiden has brought Ghost into a much brighter public spotlight, broadening their fanbase and appeal, along with their musical expertise. The four month stint beginning in Belgium proven difficult for Ghost, only in way of maintaining their privacy. A large portion of Ghosts aesthetic rests on the hidden identities of the groups members.

The Book of Souls tour continues for another six shows. Tickets are available here, access to Ghost’s website and Facebook is available. Any music fanatic worth their salt, no matter of preference, will give their tunes a swing in the opportunity to experience the darker side.