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Liner Note: Good Saint Nathanael

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Good Saint Nathanael

One of the Kickstarter prizes for my 2012 album was a songbook. I had no idea of the scale of the project when we thought of it, I just knew I had released 104 songs?! 11 people ordered it….

Little did I know when I started the painful process of going through my catalog that it would be transformative. I had friends graciously help with the proof reading but I had to do the work. I had to figure out each note and lyric.

Right from the start I began to notice patterns of incompletion. Patterns of overwriting or rushing through melodies out of anxiety became alarmingly clear. The little things I had never slowed down enough to notice like lazy wording or unknowingly putting filler songs on albums came back to haunt me like typos you never see until you hit send.

What began as a fun idea turned into 100 hours of critical analysis of my publicly available works. At first there was shame but soon I began to realize that by just changing a few things I’d write much better songs.

So part of my artistic jump on Hide No Truth is that I’m finally having a chance to put some of those lessons learned into place. Thank you songbook. You served me very well.

Favorite Record Store

Amoeba Records – San Francisco, CA

Favorite Concert Venue

Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR
recordBar – Kansas City, MO

Other Bands You’re Involved With

Destroy Nate Allen, Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots

Good Saint Nathanael
Kansas City, MO

Have you ever looked down at a pool of water to see your own reflection? To see your own features looking right back up at you, telling you that, yes, you do exist. Probably. But have you ever stolen a glance when someone else is looking into their own pool at their own feet, only to notice how fragile their eyes are, how intimate the stare? If so, then you understand the music of Good Saint Nathanael, the new musical project from Kansas City songwriter, Nate Allen.

“Heaven” Video Premiere: