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Liner Note: Jared Corder / *repeat repeat

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Jared Corder / *repeat repeat

I got burned out on music.

I took piano lessons as a little kid, around 7 or 8 years old. Then I started playing in bands in junior high and high school. I toured a little in college. I studied guitar at Arizona State. As soon as I graduated I moved to Nashville. I had surrounded myself with music and the lifestyle and bands and albums and recording studios. At some moments I would get tired of it, wondering why I chose this lifestyle in the first place. Did I still love it?

I met Kristyn through music too. We met at a show. Eventually I asked her to sing with me in my band, knowing she had a great voice. She had, however, never been in a band before. She was completely new to this world. Everything that became old news to me was shiny and exciting to her.She started listening to music in a new way. She would listen to the lyrics and cadence and which song became the bands single and we would geek out on songs together. She fell in love with the band Alvvays. It’s lead singer was similar to Kristyn, I think that’s a big reason she liked them so much. She was shy and modest, but honest and raw at the same time. It was the type of band leader Kristyn could emulate. It made her feel more like she had a seat at the table.

We got to see Alvvays live for the first time in Atlanta last year. It was an emotional experience. I got to watch Kristyn really feel things about the music and the sound and the band. She felt that magic. It’s what I felt listening to records as a kid, when I first realized I wanted (and for myself only, needed) to be a musician. That moment reminded me why I fell in love with music in the first place. For those moments.

Looking back throughout my life up to this moment, music has been a major factor in most (if not all) the biggest moments of my life. It would only make sense that I would find a renewed sense of joy in my career while at a concert with my wife and bandmate.

Favorite Record Store

The Groove – Nashville TN
Ignition Music – Goshen, IN
Waterloo – Austin TX

Favorite Concert Venue

Lee’s Palace – Toronto

*repeat repeat
Nashville, TN

Latest Release