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Everyday we do the same.

Everyday we do the same.

Everyday we do the same.

At night our dreams do different.

We wake, we do, we sleep. It is how the life cookie crumbles. It is glorious and I am grateful although it can become mundane the daily grind. So after the morning alarm, porridge/cereal/toast breakfast rotation, work that pays the bills, eat as I do adore and complete various errands, it is nice to submerge in a figurative pool of music. Whether its listening to Feist albums repeatedly, discovering new music or creating my own.  I escape from routine and make something new, with inspiration from life and inspiration from music – new sounds, relatable feelings and new creative ways to say things. When a friend introduced me to Swedish trio Dirty Loops, I discovered Crash And Burn Delight which is a trifecta – it has new sounds, a relationship just waiting to crash and burn – we’ve all been there, and it describes a picture in a beautiful and surprising way. In a pool of new sounds paired with familiar experiences, this is where I like to be.

Favorite Record Store

Counterpoint Records And Books – Los Angeles

Favorite Concert Venue

The Corner Hotel – Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

“KIYOMI’S way with words and melody has seen her venture down many exciting paths recently to find her own personal musical tribe. Lyrically, KIYOMI paints with a wild colourful brush. You may find yourself transported to dreamy imaginary worlds.”


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