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Music has always been more to us than just something pleasing to our ears. It’s a culture and a lifestyle that we live. We use music to escape our reality, create something out of nothing and it gives a sense of freedom to be and say anything. I think for us, growing up and seeing bands live or on tv, showed us opportunities to live and experience life differently. When we were kids, music gave us a close community of artists that gave us a sense of belonging. David and I began playing music in junior high. He was really into fast punk music, and I gravitated more towards heavy hard rock sounds. Our separate high school bands always seemed to play the same parties, and that’s where we really got to know each other well.

After high school, we found an apartment with his brother, and we started writing and collaborating. Eventually, I joined his band, and we formed a really close friendship. We then moved to LA and formed Voxhaul Broadcast. As the years went by, and we began to tour heavily, music allowed us to travel and see different cities and meet new and exciting people; subsequently, our songs started to take new shapes and directions with every new and interesting person we met on the road.

After the band broke up, David and I experimented with different writing styles and formed separate bands. Ultimately, we found our way back to writing with each other and today music to us means exploring and continuously growing and find ourselves as life tries to push us around. Music gives us the possibility to create moments that capture emotions we wish could last time and time again. We are excited to see what we come up next after we see what the reaction from this project is.

Favorite Record Store

Jacknife Records in Atwater always has great vinyls and cassettes in stick.

Favorite Concert Venue

Probably the Troubadour in West Hollywood. There is something special about that place when you sell it out and you can look up and see a crowd upstairs and in front of you. The vibe and energy inside is beautiful. A close second is The Satellite. Nothing better than playing an intimate sweaty show there.

Los Angeles, CA 

In the swelteringly hot summer of 2017, David Dennis and Tony Aguiar locked themselves in a room in Van Nuys, California at the famed Sound City Studios. By the end of the summer, they left Sound City with around 25 tracks and a completely new sound from everything they had done previously. It is music that comprises elements of soul, vintage R&B, gospel, and rock with a positive and independent spirit.