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I haven’t been to a heavy show in quite some time. But when Queen City Productions brought Fit For A King to the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas, I was there like a chair. Having only been introduced to the quartet over the summer at Van’s Warped Tour, I was hooked instantly on the Dallas band’s unique energy and focus on stage.

Crashing into their first song, the band exploded out of the gate. The eager crowd wasted no time getting to business. Oh, that business is moshing: they started moshing, and were doing it hard. Frontman Ryan Kirby paced the stage with a look of stoic peacefulness, even as he declared war games. “We’re doing a circle pit,” he’d declare. And, as if their lives depended on it, the audience obliged. Meanwhile, bassist Tuck O’Leary was making impressive use of the stage with some of the most violent spin kicks I’ve seen in a long time.

Fit For A King certainly doesn’t take their live show for granted. They performed at their best for every single patron of the Bottleneck – it showed. Through the nearly hour long set, there was hardly any down time. Crowd surfers, stage divers, windmills, and more were being tossed about like mad as the band’s eclectic set touched on their entire discography. The set ended with a very satisfied crowd funneling out of the Bottleneck.