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A$AP FERG, the proclaimed “Hood Pope” of Harlem’s inner city and critical member of A$AP MOB, brought his talents to the REBEL Sunday night on his continuation of his 2018 tour across North America. After rescheduling the second half of his “Mad Man Tour” back in early April, A$AP FERG finally graced Toronto to a sold out and absolutely wild crowd this past weekend. I was blown away by the intensity that filled the packed house of over 3,000. Coming out of the gate with guns blazing, A$AP FERG opened with “Trap and a Dream”, which is a solid commentary on the alluring prospects of success when you’ve got to wind your way from the bottom using any means necessary (selling drugs). Driven with A$AP FERG’s impressive flow and deep voice, the turbo-charged trap beats in the background can make anyone get hyped enough to feel as though they could run through a brick wall. Evidently the crowd felt the same way, rapping and jumping along making the literal ground shake; it was honestly one of the most intense hip hop shows I’ve covered/witnessed. By the time I left the photo pit, you could literally feel the heat of the crowd as the electricity seemed to build and build; I’m just fortunate/satisfied enough to have been able to document such a killer show! For more information on A$AP FERG’s “Mad Man Tour” hit the link!