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Bonafide pop punk veterans Alkaline Trio, hit the Town Ballroom Saturday night to a crowd that sold-out weeks in advance. Existing for well over two decades and having a monumental impact on the modern day punk scene, Alkaline Trio primarily consists of frontman Matt Skiba and bassist Dan Adriano. Taking a break from being the replacement lead in blink-182, Skiba’s personal brainchild has been on tour for the past month in support of Alkaline Trio’s upcoming 2018 LP, is this thing cursed?

Having always stayed true to the pop punk formula but never sounding too generic in the sense that their endeavors begin to sound repetitive, Alkaline Trio has managed to stay relevant with each passing year. Expecting mayhem to commence once the band took the stage, the anticipation was almost palpable as eager fans waited to mosh to their heart’s content. As Alkaline Trio’s signature banner in the background became more easily visible as the intro music heightened in pitch, Skiba, Adriano, and an unknown drummer took their positions as the crowd continued to chant, “Trio! Trio! Trio!”.

The Trio started out with “We’ve Had Enough”, a ripper off their 2003 LP titled Good Morning. Feeling the barricade behind me shake and rattle as the head banging and exuberant dancing began, the large ground floor area seemed like it had been transformed into a punk fan’s paradise. Limbs were flailing around as people sang along to Skiba’s scratchy vocals. Going on to play classics like, “She Lied to the FBI”, “Mercy Me”, “I Wanna Be a Warhol”, and “Time to Waste”, Alkaline Trio’s performance definitely brought out the rebellious teenager in a lot of the people in attendance.

Considering pop punk has always been one of the most popular genres around Buffalo, it was a nostalgic night for many when Alkaline Trio came through to perform. Even Skiba and Adriano audibly marveled at the more-than-friendly energy that the crowd was emitting. Closing out with one of the more kickass and well-rounded encores I’ve seen at the Town Ballroom, the Trio left many breathless and lusting for more. There was nothing drawn out or boring about Alkaline Trio’s hour and a half set, and I highly doubt many who have seen these guys play live would say otherwise. Already half way through their fall touring schedule, you can find more information on whether Alkaline Trio will be hitting a city near you here!