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Performing to a massive crowd at Eco Beach Saturday during CBC’s annual music/arts festival, Charlotte Day Wilson continues to prove why she is one of Canada’s most sought after singer/songwriters.

Possessing a vocal capability that tends to draw comparisons with artists such as Irma Thomas and Aretha Franklin, Wilson’s soulful voice truly captivated the entire audience’s attention throughout her 45 minute set. Of all the artists on the bill for CBC Fest, Wilson undoubtedly has gained more attention worldwide in such a short amount of time. Releasing her independent debut EP, CDW, back in 2016, Wilson’s breakout track “Work” catapulted her into the mainstream spotlight. Ushering in critical acclaim and various nominations after her debut became highly publicized in the Canadian music scene, Wilson went on to collaborate further with popular musicians such as Daniel Caesar, River Tiber, and BADBADNOTGOOD (all of which contributed their part to CDW).

Now with the release of her much anticipated sophomore EP, Stone Woman, back in late February and the end of her European headlining tour, Wilson hit the stage at Eco Beach with new and old material that really saturated the airwaves. Opening with “Stone Woman” off of the EP with the same name, the keys in the background and her soft/airy vocals reminded me somewhat of Beyoncé mixed with some James Blake. Her voice was practically just as rich and fulfilling live as it is when listened to post studio work. Following “Stone Woman” with arguably her most popular song second to that of “Work”, Wilson picked up her Fender and struck up a cord to “Doubt”. This second song in her set was another one of Wilson’s works that really show off the power of her voice; she had the crowd swaying to every note. Closing out her night with “Work”, Wilson’s show perfectly showed just how mature and solid of a performer she has grown to be.

Having only been around since her debut in 2016, Charlotte Day Wilson is set to be Canada’s next breakout artist who will no doubt take the R&B scene by storm worldwide. Keep your eyes peeled for news on this talented beauty as she rakes in the attention she is very much entitled to.