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Live Review + Gallery: Chromeo

Danforth Music Hall / Toronto, ON

July 6, 2018 Jackson Fleming

The Montreal funkadelic duo, Chromeo, played an absolutely stunning show at their first of back-to-back sold out nights at the Danforth in Toronto. The self-proclaimed “FunkLordz”, which is a title that is extremely befitting, comprises of David “Dave 1” Macklovitch and Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel. Mixing a variety of genres such as disco, pop, rock, and dance as well as aesthetics that are reminiscent of years when these genres were at the height of popularity, Chromeo is a unique beast that really set themselves apart from the rest of the competition.

Drawing influence from my own personal favorites like Daft Punk, Macklovitch and Gemayel have been crafting their tasty funk since the debut of their first studio album back in 2004. Now little more than a decade has passed and Chromeo has seen tremendous progress, packing large venues throughout the world on many of their headlining tours. Their current 2018 tour, which is centered around their fifth studio LP titled Head Over Heels, is only further proof of just how many fans Chromeo has garnered other the years.

As the crowd swelled and amassed to a point where it looked like the venue had turned into a tight can of sardines, the familiar chant of “Chro-me-o…o…o” started up which triggered Macklovitch’s and Gemayel’s entrance onto the stage. With a stage set up that matched their name, a chrome fitted staircase which spiraled around was centered in the middle with the duo’s respective instruments also bedecked in chrome. After a smattering of applause and cheers followed their intro, the dudes opened with the “Come Alive” which immediately made the Toronto crowd breakout in infectious dancing. As “P-Thugg” manned the synths, Macklovitch belted out his trademark buttery vocals as he criss-crossed stage. Displaying a sexy demeanor throughout, Chromeo was a pleasure to watch live as they tore up the stage with their dazzling light displays and musical prowess.

I particularly enjoyed when they encored with “One Track Mind” and “Sexy Socialite” which are two absolute funky bangers. With each song having a central theme that radiates sexual overtones, similar to Michael Jackson for instance, Chromeo’s music is the type of audible chocolate that is too good not to lap up. Their sold out show in Toronto was one of the more atmospheric and funkier shows the Danforth has seen in quite some time. For more information on their Head Over Heels tour, hit the link here!