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Courtney Barnett certainly knows how to melt some faces after her riveting set at the Danforth Music Hall Monday night. The Australian singer-songwriter’s live set was surprisingly heavy and hard-hitting, reminding me of badass women in music like Joan Jett. With meaty hooks that were tinged with her signature smooth and sometimes screeching vocals, Barnett had the packed house’s attention throughout her killer performance.

Starting things off slow with her “Hopefulessness”, a bluesy track off her third studio album titled Tell Me How You Really Feel, a feeling of foreboding set in as Barnett was shrouded in dark red lighting to begin the song. As the track progressed and the pace quickened, the shredding began and the once soft tones turned into an absolute rager. From that point on, it seemed like Barnett continued to build the energy up with each passing song. Those in attendance were truly longtime fans of the Aussie’s extensive work, considering many sang along to almost her entire set, which comprised of quite a few deep cuts from her earlier discography. Playing crowd pleasers like “City Looks Pretty”, “Charity”, “Need A Little Time”, and “Help Your Self” early on, Barnett proved that she’s a songwriter for the ages. Radiating a tomboy-esque charm and a bubbly personality, Barnett was the refreshing drink that the sweltering Toronto audience delighted in.

It’s always a treat to watch an artist change-up their sound during a live performance, especially when it becomes more rock & roll which was the case with Barnett. With her Monday night show in the books and being posed to take on the U.S. and Europe on her summer/fall headlining tour, Barnett has emerged as one of the more talented alternative rock artists to have come out of the woodwork in the last couple of years. Those who get the opportunity to catch her live will surely not be disappointed, getting exactly what they paid for and more. For more information on her current tour and other related Courtney Barnett inquiries, hit the link here!