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On the last leg of his two month tour across North America, Nick Rattigan (aka Current Joys) rocked the Hard Luck in Toronto last night to a plethora of fans. The energy was alive and well in the small punk bar notorious for hosting some of the best underground music this day and age has to offer.

Being roped into the lo-fi indie rock genre, I was not expecting Rattigan’s live performance to be so heavy, but damn it was wild. With most of his tracks produced over the years having a laid back ’80’s feel, especially “Kids” and “New Flesh”, Rattigan’s Current Joys mixed it up with screeching guitar riffs, loud bass lines, and a resounding snare. Anyone who is a fan of Current Joys could easily see how Nick Rattigan takes a lot of inspiration from Surf Curse (his punk/surf rock side project) in his live performances. Speaking of “New Flesh”, Current Joys’ most well-known song off his 2013 album Wild Heart, I loved Rattigan’s live version even more than the original. Speeding up the pace and dialing up the instrumentals and vocals, Rattigan had the crowd moshing and there was a crackling energy running rampant throughout the venue. Mixing a setlist with songs from his work with Surf Curse and his earlier work of Current Joys along with his 2018 LP titled A Different Age, it became very clear to me that Nick Rattigan is the type of talent that deserves mainstream attention throughout the music scene.

Employing a unique sound with a touch of classic ’80’s tones and a killer live set, Current Joys is the brainchild of Rattigan who has impressed countless crowds. Finally though, it seems like Nick Rattigan is on track to take the indie world by storm with his impressive 2018 album and past work that is coming to light. If you’re a fan of quality music, then you definitely want to keep this guy on your radar. Nick Rattigan is the type of gem that is hard to find in any respective genre.