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Nearing the end of her 2018 headlining tour in promotion of her debut album, Expectations, Hayley Kiyoko continues to prove why she is one of the most sought after pop artists to have emerged as of late. With a fanbase that is generally centralized around the LGBT community who she heavily identifies with, Kiyoko is one of the few celebrity advocates out there whose overall message and aesthetic constantly preaches acceptance. Having the walls and railings adorned in pride flags with the #20gayteen label transcribed on it, the House of Blues was full of color Tuesday night and an eager crowd that had the ground floor jammed-packed.

After the opener, Gavin Turek, had hyped the already excitable audience, the stage was set perfectly for Kiyoko to make her grand entrance. With the lights dimmed and her backing band starting with the instrumentals for her opening of “Under the Blue”, Kiyoko came bolting out from the side of the stage. Greeted with  tumultuous cheers and screams, Kiyoko matched the crowd’s radiant energy by dancing exuberantly around as she hit every note perfectly. Her charm and vivacious presence was in full display, with her fans emulating just as much intensity as the pop star was displaying on that Cleveland stage. Much like the title of her debut album, my expectations were shattered by Kiyoko’s ability as a performer. From the moment her set began to her encore, Kiyoko proved that she is a multi-talented marvel to behold.

Whether it be standing in front of cameras as an accomplished actor or taking center stage as a bonafide musician, Hayley Kiyoko is definitely one role model any aspiring star can look up to. As she heads into the final leg of her tour, Kiyoko has been slotted as one of two direct support acts for Panic! At the Disco’s Pray for the Wicked tour. For all your Hayley Kiyoko needs, hit the link here!