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If there is one band who has emerged on the indie pop scene that has started to become a household name worldwide, it’s LANY.

Consisting of frontman Paul Klein, Les Priest on lead guitar, and Jake Goss manning the drums, LANY creates ethereal synth pop that is highly reminiscent of INXS. Tracks like “ILYSB”, “Super Far”, “pink skies”, and “4Ever!” really show the creativity that these musicians bolster while also maintaining an aesthetic truly befitting of their sound. Bringing their talents to Pittsburgh last Thursday night, the Los Angeles trio filled Stage AE considerably on their 2018 worldwide headlining tour.

Having packed Mr. Small’s Theatre, a smaller venue in Pittsburgh, last year on their first headlining tour across North America, the turnout for their most recent endeavor in the Steel City was almost tripled from their previous. With the anticipation through the roof for LANY to hit the stage after the opener, Colouring, had warmed up the crowd considerably, Klein and the others finally came out after much chanting and screaming from the packed house. Opening with “Dumb Stuff” off their self-titled debut LP, the suave and charming Klein had the audience absolutely enthralled straight from the get-go. With their stage presence that is absolutely infectious and energetic, it became almost immediately apparent to me why so many have claimed LANY to be one of the best live bands they have seen since their launching in the mainstream spotlight. After leaving the crowd almost no time to catch their breath after their opening, Klein and the guys immediately went straight into “4Ever!” off their first EP, I Loved You. You could easily tell that there were throngs of devoted fans in attendance considering almost everyone was singing along to every lyric Klein sang out. Klein showed his appreciation by taking the time to thank the large crowd for supporting them from their first show at Small’s to their even larger show at Stage AE.

With only three years separating the time since LANY started to release their music virtually and physically across all avenues of streaming, the dudes have really taken the world by storm. It seems with every passing year, LANY just seems to be gaining more and more ground. To having respectable slots at highly publicized festivals like Governors Ball and Bonnaroo, to acting as direct support for musicians such as John Mayer, LANY’s success can be attributed to their showmanship and killer sound.

Their set Thursday night  was nothing short of spectacular, especially when they closed out with “Super Far” and their most popular song, “ILYSB”. Sporting dazzling on-stage visuals that went perfectly with their music, Klein was the perfect embodiment of what a frontman should be. Whether it be interacting with the crowd physically or dancing energetically around stage, Klein gave that eager Pittsburgh audience exactly what they wanted and then some. With their show Thursday night, LANY easily proved why they are set to be the next biggest band to take the world by storm in the foreseeable future. For more information on their current tour and other related LANY inquiries, hit the link here!