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Live Review + Gallery: Lord Huron

Stage AE / Pittsburgh, PA

July 30, 2018 Jackson Fleming

Since their debut EP, Into the Sun, back in 2010, Lord Huron has always blended an interesting mix of indie and folk rock that has seen their sound reach the mainstream masses. Lord Huron’s breakout hit “The Night We Met” really saw the band hit a point where more and more people began to appreciate their sound. Now, the four piece band from Michigan hit Pittsburgh Thursday night on their current headlining tour across the U.S. and Europe.

Centralizing around their latest studio album Vide Noir, Lord Huron’s aesthetic fit quite well with the translated album title: “black void”. With a large hanging LED sapphire that illuminated bright green as everything else went dark, Lord Huron took the stage, opening with “Ancient Ones (Part I)”, which made it seem like there was some sort of dark pit or “void” opening up on stage. Followed by this cool and somewhat dreary opening was a lighter track, “Meet Me in the Woods”. As Ben Schneider led the way with his soft vocals – reminding me of artists like Ben Howard – the band had the Pittsburgh crowd in a daze. It really was interesting to see the contrasting moods in Lord Huron’s set that were blended perfectly together, whether it be striking up a mournful tune or playing a more energetic song like “Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme)”.

The set culminated with Lord Huron encoring with their most popular songs, “The Night We Met” and “We Went Wild”, with both performer and audience emanating good vibes. Lord Huron’s show was expressive and sincere. In truth, when the lights had faded and the venue was clearing out, it seemed as though every fan had gotten what they came for, and more. If more shows prove to be just as enriching as the one Lord Huron put on Thursday night, I don’t think my bank account could sustain the amount of concerts I would want to attend.

To catch these guys before they head on over to Europe, hit the link here to see the full list of their remaining US tour dates.