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Indie folk singer-songwriter Lucy Rose Parton, better known by her stage name Lucy Rose, graced the downtown Toronto area with her presence this past weekend. Performing to a sold out crowd at the Drake Underground, Rose’s set was simply magical. With her soft vocals that at times reflect either a cheerful or mournful sound, Lucy Rose’s songs highlight the highs, and subsequent lows, many in life deal with at one time or another. However, in no means is her approach with her writing about the trials of everyday life generic.

For instance, “Strangest of Ways” off of her album, Something’s Changing, questions one’s future and self after discovering an aspect of life newly explored. Songs like this really highlight the curiosity and uncertainty that we as people tend to feel towards our existence. With her songwriting that relates to many on a personal level, Rose’s live show also felt very personable and genuine. After she warmed up with a couple songs, Rose took the time to completely revamp her setlist with the help of the crowd. Taking suggestions for tracks ranging from her entire musical library, it was my first time ever seeing an artist actually rely in the crowds ability to know their work. Needless to say, the fans did not let her down. It seemed like the entire room of over 300 was shouting out to her with a request, making the artist smile broadly.

Having a reputation for displaying a relaxed and genuine demeanor towards her audience in terms of how she interacts with her fans, it was no surprise to me why so many turned out to witness the unique and talented musician that is Lucy Rose. The Drake Underground has a stellar reputation for hosting some of the best concerts around the city of Toronto and in all honesty, Lucy’s show was definitely one of the most genuine and atmospheric performances that I’ve seen in recent memory. Fans of Neil Young, Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell, and any indie folk/rock artists in general should put the time to go see her live if they have not done so already; 11/10 would recommend.