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Minus the Bear really is one of the few art rock bands from the early 2000’s that have continued to remain relevant with their rich and intricate sound. Coming through the Town Ballroom last Tuesday night, the Seattle rockers played an absolutely stellar show to a packed house. Alluding back to how original Minus the Bear’s take is on the existing genre of progressive rock, their ’07 album release titled Planet of the Ice truly exemplifies this point. With their current tours theme celebrating 10 years since Planet of the Ice was dropped, the album truly saw Minus the Bear come into their own. Earlier on in their career, Minus the Bear’s music was not as mature and often times satirical; Planet of the Ice was really the definitive point to where their music and aesthetic grew more serious/mature.

Not only did their setlist consist of songs from Planet of the Ice, but hit tracks off their entire discography. Songs such as , “Knights” and “Last Kiss” really encapsulate all the things that make Minus the Bear’s sound such rock ear candy. Utilizing heavy guitar riffs, catchy keyboard synths, and Jake Snider’s vocals that reign supreme, the quintet’s show was genuinely one of my favorites I’ve seen in such a long time. One aspect that I found interesting involving their performance was the way Minus the Bear had their stage presence set up. With Snider on the far right side of the stage, this left Dave Knudson (lead guitar) and Cory Murchy (bass) to roam freely around the stage. Interacting with the crowd by standing up on the guardrails and shredding on their respective guitars, it was great to see Knudson and Murchy along with the rest of the band show great energy throughout the show. The crowd seemed to feed off this energy as well, going just as hard as the dudes on stage. Minus the Bear was definitely one for the books!

Although I must admit, I’ve been quite the fan of Minus the Bear ever since they released my personal favorite album titled Menos El Oso back in 2005. Minus the Bear’s set really exemplified that after 15 years of making killer music, they still show no signs of their age and of slowing down. Encoring with “Last Kiss”( arguably their most popular song off 2017’s Voidz) and the all time classic, “Pachuca Sunrise”, Minus the Bear closed out the night the best way possible. They had the entire crowd harmonizing along with Snider throughout most of the encore, especially during “Pachuca Sunrise”. You usually see a crowd that devoted and abled at stadium shows, but that just goes to show just how much of a following Minus the Bear has amassed over the years. No doubt, this leg of tour will be filled with packed venues and awesome musical intensity; evident to their Buffalo show.