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November 12, 2018 Jackson Fleming

Last weekend saw psych-rock magicians, Pond, bring their Aussie charm to a rowdy Toronto crowd. Still riding high on the critical and commercial success that was their 2017 released LP titled The Weather, Pond showed why they are a staple in the indie genre scene with their energetic performance. Pond’s quirky and delightful sense of whimsical humor was definitely not wasted on the Toronto crowd; the moshing and abundance of stage dives ran rampant throughout.

Pond opened with “30,000 Megatons” which is actually the opening track to The Weather. This led in nicely with their second song “Sweep Me Off My Feet”, which certainly got the audience moving early on. As frontman, Nick Allbrook, danced around stage doing a kind of two-step jig and showing his knack for the eccentric, it was fun to dodge the numerous flying legs that were hovering over me as people continued to surf the crowd. After about three or four songs, Allbrook joined in with the ensuing pandemonium as he took a dive offstage into the sea of arms that supported him. In all honesty, I was not expecting Pond’s live set to be so heavy and full of crackling energy, but was nevertheless pleasantly surprised.

Pond is an interesting collective of highly talented individuals. Having collaborated and even shared members with the innovative Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala), Pond has built up quite the reputation for producing music with high-quality lyrics and sound. For instance, a recently released single they put out a couple of months prior to their performance, “Burnt Out Star”, is brimming with intricacies. The pacing and instrumentals all compliment each other which was exactly the case with Pond’s live set in Toronto as well. Whether it was covering a Bee Gee’s classic down to a T or closing out with one of my personal favorite tracks from The Weather, “Paint Me Silver”, I definitely recommend checking these guys out while they are still hitting North America. For more information on their current tour, hit the link here!