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When you think of popular and powerful musical duos leading the scene today, artists like Sofi Tukker immediately come to mind. Comprised of the vivacious Sophie Hawley-Weld and energetic Tucker Halpern, Sofi Tukker draws together influences from EDM and indie-pop outlets to create one hell of an audible experience. With a grammy nomination and multiple accolades under their belt after their debut release Treehouse, the NYC natives have proven to be one of 2018’s top discoveries in terms of music.

Already a third of the way through their world tour, Sofi Tukker made their presence known last Saturday night in Toronto. Racking in hundreds upon hundreds of eager fans ready to dance and soak in the colorful performance that Hawley-Weld and Halpern have grown notorious for, their show was nothing short of spectacular. With a stage setup that reminded me of a segment of canopy one may find in a rain forest (hence the aesthetic of Treehouse), Sofi Tukker opened with “Energia” which could not have been more appropriate considering the “energia” was already quite high in the crowd. With Hawley-Weld dancing elegantly around stage with Halpern hyping the crowd up even more, their setlist seemed to be building and building with each song turning up the dial. This became apparent only halfway through, when Sofi Tukker invited two fans from the crowd to join them on stage. Performing one of their more popular songs, “Batshit”, the two girls from the audience danced along with Weld and Halpern as the venue turned dance-club kept vibin’ on.

I was more than impressed with the crowd Sofi Tukker drew along with the intensity that both performer and audience member seemed to emit. From the front row to the back of the GA, I don’t think there wasn’t a single body moving in tune to the catchy rhythm of Sofi Tukker’s show. With the figurative lid about to be blown off at any moment after they closed with “Best Friend”, Sofi Tukker came out for a two-song encore which made the packed house go wild. Officially finishing the night out with Hawley-Weld doing a small crowd surf and Halpern jumping around as “Drinkee” blared throughout, Sofi Tukker gave back the intensity the crowd displayed tenfold. If you’re looking to dance your ass off to some catchy beats provided by Halpern and a strong female presence courtesy of Hawley-Weld, then I encourage you to catch these guys live. Seriously. Do it. You will not regret it in the slightest.