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Sylvan Esso, the dynamic indie-pop duo comprising of front woman Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, performed to a sold out crowd last Friday night in Buffalo, and boy was it exciting! Filling the venue to maximum capacity, their set was startlingly impressive. Having witnessed my fair share of killer shows at the Town Ballroom, I can honestly say that Sylvan Esso’s set was one of the best I’ve seen there in recent memory.

As the audience continued to radiate an anxious excitement for Sylvan Esso’s set to commence from the time the GA and mezzanine had both filled, the lights went out and Sanborn took the stage to a tumultuous eruption of cheers. Starting off with some heavy synth courtesy of Sanborn, Meath came strutting out and began to open with “Sound” off of their sophomore album What Now. Consistently able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack with their unique take on the indie/electropop genre, Sylvan Esso’s sound captures the listener’s attention instantly. With the ability to feel both complacent and energetic with Meath’s voice than can easily range from soft to powerfully driven, I loved how both Sanborn and her were able to entrance the audience. This was made very apparent by how exuberantly Meath moved around, encouraging the crowd to also partake in the fun that was unfolding on stage. With songs like “Kick Jump Twist”, “Just Dancing”, and “Radio” (just to name a few), it seemed like every fan in attendance took up Meath’s invitation with hundreds jumping, dancing, and screaming. After three songs in the pit, I also participated in the enormous amounts of fun that is a Sylvan Esso concert. Displaying their gratitude to the crowd in ways of being astounded with the sheer number of people in attendance and their devotion, both Meath and Sanborn thanked everyone sincerely for coming out.

The energy and overall atmosphere of the overall night was completely feel-good and infectious. Sylvan Esso displayed such a joyous and radiant attitude with their music, that it was an opportunity for many to just dance and forget the stresses in everyday life for a night. That in my mind, is really the staple of Sylvan’s overall message with their music; bringing people together to forget the outside world for awhile and just enjoy the artistic medium that is their music. Feeling as though you are flying high along with the duo, my respect for musicians as whole rose high after witnessing Meath’s and Sanborn’s performance. Sylvan Esso is the type of band that I feel like every artist/artists should strive to be…..performers who value their fanbase and consistently deliver the desired message they seek after with their music.