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With a familiar style of play that calls to mind innovative bands such as Tool and Animals As Leaders, U.K. progressive metal rockers, TesseracT, hit Toronto Tuesday night on their spring tour across North America. Packing the historic venue to capacity, TesseracT played one of most electrifying sets that I ever seen at the Opera House (a venue which is notorious for hosting a large variety of metal shows). With the moshing and crowd surfing running rampant throughout, anyone in attendance could tell that the guys of TesseracT really fed off the crowd’s energy. Having frontman Daniel Tompkins lead the charge, TesseracT showed both their talent as being excellent performers and musicians. Opening with “Luminary”, a track off their new album which embodies the extraterrestrial-like aesthetic they were looking to hit, TesseracT kicked shit up almost immediately upon hitting the stage. Any longtime fan of these guys can tell that this new album, Sonder, really is a different direction in terms of what type of material TesseracT normally churns out. That being said, in no way is this change in style a bad thing. With the heavy reliance on ambiance and on long instrumental solos, Sonder really shows off just how technically sound all members of TesseracT are. Mixing in a good variety of songs from their latest album as well as tracks from all their work like “Concealing Fate, Parts: 1-3” off their fourth studio LP titled Odyssey, I could immediately tell why TesseracT is well-regarded as one of the better new progressive metal bands out there today. With a genuine fanbase that has been packing venues all across the U.S. and Canada during their North American run of April and May, TesseracT will be taking their prowess over to Europe and Australia for the summer and fall tours and will undoubtedly giving fans a show they will not forget anytime soon! For a full list of show dates, hit the link here.