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Live Review + Gallery: Young The Giant (House Of Blues / Cleveland, OH)

Last night, Young the Giant gave the House of Blues one of the more vibrant shows the city of Cleveland has seen in quite some time. Selling out the hall well before they took center stage, you can add another tally to the consistent number of perfectly executed performances Young the Giant has become quite known for. Establishing themselves as a household name in the indie rock genre with hits that also seem to hit the threshold of “crossovers”, the quintet has been a highly notable act since the release of their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album back in 2010. Now, 8 years later, the group is on tour in support of their latest release, Mirror Master.

Hitting the stage around 9:15pm, there seemed to be not a single space unaccounted for in the room at large; the entire hall was lined with hundreds upon hundreds of cheering fans. Opening with a track that shares the same name as their 2018 album, Young the Giant easily had the packed house up on their feet and dancing from the get-go. With frontman Sameer Gadhia leading the charge with his suave demeanor and absolutely killer vocal range, it was hard not to want to put my camera down and join the masses. If there was one thing that was more impressive than the showmanship each member displayed, it would have to be Young the Giant’s stage production. There seemed to be lights shining from every crevice on stage, bathing the band in colored light as they jammed out to new and old material. Closing out the night with “My Body” from their sophomore album, you could literally feel the ground beneath your feet shake as Gadhia and company got the crowd jumping and singing along.

After their set had finally finished, Young the Giant came together to give one last final bow to the crowd as their endeavor in Cleveland had come to a glorious end. You could really feel the love and strong bond that each member felt towards one another which was quite evident in the way they performed and worked as a cohesive unit. This seemed to resonate throughout the venue and culminated in a damn good night of all-around tight technicality and killer stage presence. For more information on their current North American tour, hit the link here!

Jackson Fleming
Nov. 6th, 2018

House Of Blues

Cleveland, OH