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Live Review: Tiny Moving Parts (Bluebird Theatre / Denver, CO)

Photos by Savanna Howland

As they wheeled out their gear, tuned their instruments, and adjusted microphone stands, the ear-to-ear grins on the faces of the men on stage were readily apparent. As the trio slowed down and settled in, the crowd got more antsy. Anticipation was building for Tiny Moving Parts’ impending rambunctious set.

It was Saturday night and the East Colfax area of Denver was teeming with millennial punks. Adorned with black hoodies, tattered denim, and more enamel pins than you could count, the hoard of like-minded individuals were funneling into the Bluebird Theater. The marquis proclaiming “SOLD OUT. THE MENZINGERS. TINY MOVING PARTS” shone out above the streets.

Back inside, Tiny Moving Parts were ready to go. Tearing straight into their set, the Minnesota trio wasted no time giving the crowd a taste of what they’re made of. We didn’t dip our toes in, we dove in headfirst to the explosive and wild set. By the second song, guitarist and frontman Dylan Mattheisen was already dripping with sweat; drummer Billy Chevalier and bassist/vocalist Matthew Chevalier soon followed suit.

Not only celebrating songs from their 2018 release, Swell, Tiny Moving Parts played a hodge-podge of songs spanning their discography. Fans new and old had something to latch onto during their swift set. Making the most of their time on stage, the beaming trio barely stopped long enough to declare, “Hi Denver, we’re Tiny Moving Parts”. The crowd grew larger and larger as the band played; heads bobbing, bodies moving, toes tapping. It’s safe to say everyone in the crowd walked away happy after a set as wild as Tiny Moving Parts’.