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Molly O’Malley

So music. Talking about why I hold music close to my heart makes me feel like I’m the Guy Who Likes Music from that Gabe Gundacker video. I think that’s because it’s such a universal thing, and like I’m speaking to fill air, but also I think it’s wild how something so public is simultaneously something so personal.

But if we’re gonna get real and raw about what made me what to create music and why I picked up an instrument in the first place?

I remember it was some kind of Sunday in middle school, and I had a REALLY bad day over things I won’t specify. Somewhere between things that resulted in me needing therapy combined with some pre-teen angst were the cause of said bad day. To set the scene, it was about 2006 at the time, and I locked myself in my room and was crying and I turned From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy on my stereo and pretty much cried the duration of the album. By the time “XO”, the last track on the record, started playing I kind of pulled myself together and was feeling as good as I could at that moment considering the circumstance of aforementioned things we won’t dive into. That record made me feel so much less alone with what I was enduring, and I felt so comforted. I think definitely during those developmental years, that’s extremely important. I got a little older and realized that that’s why I wanted to pick up an instrument and that’s why I wanted to even write in the first place. I wanted to create shit that made people feel less alone during shit times, because that’s what music did for me.

When I’m writing, I see that shit solely as my means of expressing my emotions. I’d say it is just an outlet, but that would be selling it short. It’s really so much more than that. I really hope if my music serves any kind of purpose in this world, it would be that my vulnerability makes someone out there feel at least just a tiny bit less alone than they did before they started listening to it. I hope it’s not all in vain, yanno?

Favorite Record Store

I will start this off with a big ole RIP to Ear X-Tacy in Louisville. You are missed.
Guestroom Records – Louisville, KY
Shake It Records – Cincinnati, OH
Grimey’s – Nashville, TN
Reckless Records – Chicago, IL

Favorite Concert Venue

Skull Alley – Louisville, KY
Nelligan Hall – Louisville, KY
For nostalgia’s sake, I gotta say: Bulldog Cafe – Louisville, KY
High Dive – Gainesville, FL
The Lab – Gainesville, FL
Webster Hall – New York City, NY
Double Door – Chicago, IL
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
JJ’s House – Milwaukee, WI
Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH

Other Projects Your Involved In

Æves, Time2Shine

Molly O’Malley
Louisville, KY

Soundtrack Of Your Life

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