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Ever smell something you know isn’t there in front of you but once was? A scent that lingers from memories past, drifting back up to remind you of a buried memory. There are certain things that shouldn’t be kept in the present, things that needs to be left in the past. Somehow they still manage to squirm out from under the dredge of history and pop up just for a second to remind you. No matter how hard you attempt to move forward.

All of these themes show themselves in Brian Berger’s latest music video for his track “Billboards” off his 2017 album Temporary Towns. The song discusses what it’s like to have people removed from your lives, like faces etched off of billboards, as the song refers to. It depicts a group of guys (including Brian as well as Collin Thomas from Rich Boy Junkie) out and about, having fun and occasionally defacing some property. Those scenes of youthful levity are contrasted by a young woman putting on makeup to, as it turns out, stay in bed.

“Billboards” isn’t a happy song but it’s an important one. It’s a reminder of the times that have changed and the memories that have built up our current lives. Watch out premiere of the music video below and be sure to snag a listen to the full album Temporary Towns as well.