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Written by Antonio Ponce, the recently released novel Don’t Forget the Business in the Music Business dives deep into the secret world of the music industry. Following Ponce’s own experience as an independent musician, the book covers parts of music that are less than advertised when joining a band. The aim of Ponce’s creation is to lend a helping hand to musicians as they seek out opportunity.

The novel points bands towards the more ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas of the music business; the much less known side of the entire project. “I know a lot of new and current bands stuck on the ‘what to do next?’ question will find value in the book’s contents” Ponce expressed for the books’ press release. The question mentioned above has, in the past, become a premature end for many bands on the cusp of the spotlight.

“This book’s goal is to give musicians a good foundation to be ready for when opportunity knocks, but also to bring opportunity to their door.” Asher Media Relations notes in their review of the book. Brought from experience with his own band and others around him, Ponce’s inside knowledge of the business side of music provides new possibilities for any growing band striving for more.

Released September 25th, Ponce’s written history guide has every possibility of rolling in a new era of previously undiscovered music. The book is now available online through Amazon and AP Jones Publishing.