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Dandelions are interesting plants. They are weeds that sprout in an unkept yard that are initially full of rigid and sharp leaves. They later bloom into bright yellow flowers then turn into domes of tiny seeds with feathery wisps that get carried on the wind in the hope of sprouting a new plant somewhere else. Dandelions (the plant) are a thing of accidental beauty that have a definitive cycle and are symbolic of summer. The same can be said of Karl E. Behr’s song “Dandelion.”

“Dandelion” is an experimental folk song full of pitched hums and whistles, gentle strums and whimsical instrumentation. It’s not perfect craftsmanship but that’s where the accidental beauty comes in–not just with the song but with Behr’s music. It’s simple and bright with tones that put you in a field on a summer day, picking blades of grass and tying knots with them. The lyrics themselves are in the same vein; “All things started off like a fairy tale / you’re the wind in my sail.” They speak of a relationship where each person pushes each other to be better and do more. It’s a blossoming relationship that floats on the breeze as easy as the seeds of a dandelion.

Behr has a sound reminiscent of low-key Of Montreal songs or, more closely, a male-fronted Moldy Peaches. “Dandelion” is Karl E. Behr’s first track off his upcoming album “Cabin In The Woods.” Take a listen to the song, keep an eye out for the new album, and hold onto summer for as long as you can.

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