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Liner Note: Radkey

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There was a lot of music in the house growing up.  It has just always been a part of our lives. We have been making music longer than we have done anything in life, which is kind of mind-blowing.

When we decided to start a band, Sol & I had to learn to play instruments.  We started fresh. We really just started jamming and that’s how the songs came out. We wanted loud, fast, melodic and catchy, all that good stuff. We decided that we weren’t going to pick a style. We would just write the song, whatever it is, that’s what it is.  It seems like a simple thing, we really just want to make the music that we want to hear.

Being home-schooled, we didn’t have a lot of life experience to put into our first songs. Dee & I went to public school one year and hated it. Maybe we were already too weird.  I just didn’t like that no one knew who Led Zeppelin was. I had to get out of there. I was eight.

When we started writing music as teenagers, since we were homeschooled, a lot of what we wrote about was comic books and movies. Which is cool and fun and relatable, but after years of being in a band, living life, we actually have a story worth telling, songs that feel like they’re worth a little more.  More personal. It’s an incredible feeling that music creates, that connection with people. Such a weird feeling, that you are doing something that is actually important to people. That people can relate to your personal journey, all through music. – Isaiah Radke

Favorite Record Store

Mills Record Company – Kansas City, MO
Love Garden Sound – Lawrence, KS

Favorite Concert Venue

Definitely the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas and recordBar in Kansas City

St. Joseph, MO 

Radkey does whatever they want. Whether it’s hard and fast, or slow and groovy. Radkey does whatever they want, and that’s what rock and roll is all about. You can hear it in the music and it makes you want to party. Radkey doesn’t cater to one sound by calling themselves a “Punk Band”.