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Faye Webster
Faye Webster

Awful Records

3 seconds into Faye Webster’s self-titled album and my jaw hit the floor. “What is this I’m hearing? Is this folk music? Being handed to me by Awful Records? Damn, that bassline.”

My life hasn’t been the same since. Faye Webster is a brooding, innocent, sweetly articulate album that evokes a spirit of Americana nostalgia meets jangle pop – think “Carole King x Mac DeMarco love child” – that’s somehow hopeful despite an undeniably melancholy sway.

Each song has it’s own story (which Faye shared with Nylon Mag) which contributes to the vulnerability that pervades the album. The stories and sounds of each song come together to form a textured yet delicate album. “She Won’t Go Away” and “Is It Too Much To Ask” are irresistibly dancey with just a hint of defeat, whereas “Alone Again” and “It’s Not a Sad Thing” challenge me to sit completely still for fear that any movement will result in an unstoppable stream of tears. While the mood changes from song to song, the element that consistently strikes throughout is that of beauty.

The beauty of Faye Webster is only magnified by the artist herself. As evidenced by her video for “She Won’t Go Away,” she’s cute, fresh, funky, and admirably stylish. There’s lots to be said about her photography too, which she cites as influenced by Awful family member, Brandon, @eathumans. While her music may seem out of place with that of the usual Awful crew (Father, Abra), she told W Magazine that she found her place there because “it’s just a big group of weirdos… everyone’s different.”

Faye Webster appears to be a true delight, and Faye Webster itself is metaphysical. No matter your predefined musical preferences, I’d be surprised if Faye Webster’s beauty doesn’t resonate with you at a level lying just a little deeper than your taste.