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King Forward Records (Benelux)

Colin Halliburton has a penchant for effortlessly relaying the charms of small-town life in his music; from joy to heartache to being bluntly honest with oneself. Halliburton, the singer-songwriter behind Lawrence, Kansas’ The Roseline, will be releasing his fifth studio album – Blood – this Friday.

Blood, the follow up to 2015’s Townie, carries all the heart and soul of earlier Roseline works. Throughout these country-tinged songs, we hear stories of love come and gone. The pacing of this album is something to note. Like setting sail on calm waters, Halliburton guides us through the 12 tracks without a hitch. Like a good whiskey, smooth up front, but a slight burn on the way down.

It’s hard to listen to this album and not get hung up on the content. The lyrics are incredibly accessible. Songs comprised of simple themes blown up and examined in close-range fill the album. Little tid bits for the locals are strewn about in the form of Bourgeois Pig references and so on.

The instrumentation is another thing to note. Everything is tied together with peppy, country drumming and a mellow, tempered guitar tone. But beyond that, there’s a symphony of sound; layers and depths beyond belief in each track. The simple piano on “Junonia,” the swirling violin on “Nocturnal” that compliments the track’s honesty almost too well, the seemingly out-of-place yet expertly inserted saxophone on “Moving In A Dress,” the expected pedal steel driving everything home.

Blood is an album to reflect on, as you stare down the highway, windows open, on a cool Kansas afternoon. Highly recommended for your next commute between Kansas City and Lawrence.

The Roseline will be releasing Blood into the wild this Friday, with two release shows scheduled. Friday at the Brick with Chase The Horseman and Justin Klaas and Saturday at the Replay with Tougies and Jasper.