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Liner Note: Rob Cunliffe / West Coast Weekend

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Rob Cunliffe / West Coast Weekend

Aaron and I first played music together in Boston in 2005. Set to the soundtrack of our mutual favorite band at the time, Guster, we became fast friends. Something in their music was nostalgic and inspiring, and it excited something in us both, equally and differently.

Years later in LA, we went to see Guster at the Music Box in Hollywood. They had just released a new album, and on it was a song wherein they sang, “This could all be yours someday…” We both looked around at this theatre and at each other, and I think we knew for the first time that we really could create a life for ourselves by playing music. We could have all of what we saw and wanted. All of what inspired and excited us. It really could all be ours someday. And we got to work.

Now we’re releasing a new project that we’re excited about, and it doesn’t feel like the culmination of years of work, but rather the first step in a lifetime of doing what we love. If we hadn’t heard that song in that moment and under those circumstances, I know we’d still have gotten to where we are today. But I remember that moment as a sort of an awakening that hadn’t occurred yet for either of us prior to that night. I knew it didn’t have to be a kid’s dream anymore. It could be an adult’s career. My career. Our career.

One song is all you need sometimes to feel inspired. One lyric or one piece of a melody. Something that makes you feel alive and present. We got inspiration from Guster that night and from countless other artists in different ways throughout our lives. All we can hope is that maybe someday, someone will feel inspired by us. In the meantime, we take that inspiration as it grows and transforms, and we keep running as fast as we can towards the next artistic goal we set for ourselves.

Favorite Record Store

Time Warp Records in Mar Vista is my local spot and has great stuff, but my favorite of all time is the last true record store I know of in my hometown. It’s called Moondog Music in Dubuque, Iowa. Always smells of incense and has the perfect divey record store vibe.

Favorite Concert Venue

I love outdoor venues. The Greek in LA is awesome. Also Meadowbrook (Bank of NH Pavilion now) in Gilford, NH is a great spot!

West Coast Weekend
Los Angeles, CA

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