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Liner Note: Sal The Musician

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Sal The Musician

Success and failure have been (very) prominent features in my life, always showing up at random moments in extreme amounts. I set the bar very high for myself as a child; apparently I was the complete package once upon a time, and that distinction has really fueled my fear of failure, which I’m not afraid to admit.

Five months ago, that roller-coaster of (mostly) failure and (some) success came to a very dramatic climax. I dropped out of business school and boarded a plane to Ireland without telling any of my family and friends, where I started to pursue my dream of being a musician.

None of this is going to make sense, but here is my story:

I took my first guitar lesson when I was twelve. Played my first school concert when I was sixteen, and (properly) sang for the first time when I was seventeen. For as long as I can remember, music has always played second fiddle in my life, to my studies, to my sports and to my friends and family. Why is it so important now then?

Well I recently failed my exams, messed up my shot at a great banking internship and then also (successfully) managed to make two start-ups fail.

Let me go back in time again to put this into perspective. I was in a band back in high school with some of my best friends, we were called DSB (let your imagination run wild here). I remember spending countless hours with them, practicing, recording cover songs and occasionally performing sets at school concerts, etc. I always knew the feeling of being up on stage was beyond compare, I just never admitted it to myself. Those days gave me so much peace, love, friendship and joy, it is truly beyond words.

I didn’t leave business school to specifically pursue music; I left because it was sucking out every ounce of happiness from my life. Music simply does the opposite: it makes me feel alive.

Favorite Record Store

Never really had a favourite

Favorite Concert Venue

Roisin Dubh – Galway, Ireland
Ronnie Scott’s – London, UK

Sal The Musician

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