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We’re trying something new. Not necessarily new in the grand scheme of things, but something new for us. We’ve always viewed playlistplay as a platform to get bands heard and for them to tell their stories; what’s a better way to do that than actually showing the passion of the bands through their performance? That’s why we’re starting playlistplay Sessions, which provides a professionally recorded video and audio track from the band performing a live session, which we’ve partnered with Shadow Scape Records to produce.

Our first band to grace the small screen with their unbelievable talent is one we’ve been increasingly excited about and one that continues to blow us away each time we see them: Midwest Mutts. They’re a young group of indie funk-rockers from southern Missouri who have been making music for less than a year and already have a substantial and unbelievably strong catalogue of songs. Check out the live performance of their song “Don’t Forget,” which was recorded on site at the Culture House in Olathe, Kansas.

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