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Protests have wracked the country for months since the announcement of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Outside the masses and discarded posters, Jesse Bartmess, creator of Sinple, found another way. The solo act’s newest release named Orange President lets loose all those pent up feelings you didn’t know you had.

The album’s title track acts as a stream of consciousness about the recently elected reality TV host. Sinple branches off of this in arguably one of the most controversial albums to leave the States in a very long time. Bartmess’s straightforward approach, the likes of which are rarely seen in a 90’s synth pop scene, could drop a jaw or start a riot.

“I’m not much of a fighter or even a protester for that matter, so I knew I wanted to find a way to express myself about our president. Naturally I decided on music since it’s the medium I’m most confident in.” Bartmess has said about his newest creation. The albums teasing nature about aspects of the election and Trump’s personal life could leave any listener in a stunned or proud silence. This passive form of protest is probably the best way to tell the establishment to kiss it.

While the album can bring a smile to your lips, the need for it might not. With the immigration insanity, the rise in race and religion-targeted attacks, and the delusion of this wall, people across the globe have been sent into a panic.

“This whole election was like something out of the twilight zone.” says Bartmess. Fear rises in the hearts of too many as their lives and futures are treated by the actions of our Orange President. Sinple’s album could not have come at a better time. Protests in physical and digital form are the actions needed to create the necessary change in the United States.

Orange President and Sinple’s other works are available through Bandcamp. Information about upcoming shows and new releases can be found on the project’s Facebook.