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June 1, 2017 Sofar Sounds Kansas City
Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Nick Howland

MADE Urban Apparel is a Kansas City-based contemporary clothing line, and also the evening’s location for May’s Sofar Sounds Kansas City event. Tucked between a parking garage and a Mediterranean diner on the east side of the Power & Light District, MADE’s intimate space proved to be a perfect spot to host Sofar.

CUDO kickstarted the night with a stripped-back version of their usual set; a little less instrumentation, same old soul. Squeezing into the tight corner of MADE’s flagship storefront, CUDO played their four songs just as eloquently as if they were on a larger, proper stage. Captivating the crowd with their whirring, dynamic indie sounds, CUDO’s set seemed to go by almost too quickly.

Performing with just as much soul as CUDO, was KC-based pop singer-songwriter Crystal Clayton. Accompanied by keyboardist Nathan Showalter, Clayton’s minimalistic set proved the perfect vehicle to showcase her explosive vocals. Her words are honest and heartfelt, whether they’re somber or joyous. Clayton knows how to have a good time, and knows how to portray a message through her music.

Ivy closed out the evening with a sweet, charming, engaging, and energetic set. Ivy and her acoustic guitar, paired with AJ Young’s noodling lead guitar lines kept the audience’s gaze and made them wiggle in their seats. A mark of a good artist is the ability to leave an audience wanting more, something Ivy did in stride.

The breezy night came to a close as show-goers made their way to their cars. Some loitered, asking the artists to sign their commemorative posters while others browsed the clothing rack, making use of the one-night-only Sofar discount graciously promoted by MADE. Outside on a table AJ Young sat, playing an impromptu John Mayer mash up for the exiting patrons.

Sofar Sounds Kansas City would like to thank the following: Playlistplay, Do816, MADE Urban Apparel, the artists, and the attendees. Sign up for more information on Sofar Sounds Kansas City and download the DoStuff app from the Appstore and Google Play to find out what’s going on in your town.