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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Nick Howland

Nuzzled away in a Riverside, Missouri neighborhood resides Sound 81 Productions. This massive studio specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering music. In addition to the musical and video services Sound 81 Productions provides, it also played host to the evenings Sofar Sounds KC.

The crowd trickled into the lavish studio, eventually making their way to the main room, eagerly waiting for the first performer. KC-based singer/songwriter Payge Turner kicked it all off with her cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The crowd was hooked on Turner’s soulful, sultry tones instantly. Backed by drum and bass, Turner tore through her set, maintaining that same level of soul throughout.

Shifting the vibe, two-fourths of the KC alt-pop-rock band Captiva came to the stage with their riffy guitar and smooth, funky vocal work. No stranger to the stripped down set, the duo quickly proved that their sounds can be seamlessly translated between full band and acoustic. Cativa’s sound isn’t easy to pin down, sometimes surfy, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes pop. Whatever the genre, the duo kept the audience dancing in their seats.

In grand fashion, St. Louis bassist and vocalist Tonina Saputo serenaded the captive audience as the final performer of the night. Striking everyone with her impressive opening track – a down tempo vocal-focussed masterpiece, Saputo quickly won over the Sofar-goers. Her charm and perfect vocal prowess carried on throughout the set, which may take the cake for the most bone-chillingly silent audience Sofar Sounds KC has seen. In the duration of her four songs, hardly anyone spoke a word, but were instead all transfixed on Saputo’s performance.

Sofar Sounds Kansas City would like to thank the following: Playlistplay, Do816, Sound 81 Productions, the artists, and the attendees. Sign up for more information on Sofar Sounds Kansas City and download the DoStuff app to find out what’s going on in your town.

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