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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Jess Bonniwell

The sprawling, swanky headquarters of BNIM Architecture played host to January’s Sofar Sounds KC. Nestled in the heart of downtown Kansas City – Crown Center – the massive space lent itself to quite possibly the largest Sofar crowd KC has seen yet. Upon my arrival, most of the patrons had already settled in; in benches, lawn chairs, desk chairs, the floor, a couch, and so on. A massive hand-made “SOFAR” light hung eloquently from the ceiling.

Pageant Boys stepped up to the plate – the first act. The songwriting project of Alexander Sheppard, Pageant Boys tends to play with a plethora of synth, backtracks, whirring electronic elements, and a sexy, crooning voice. Tonight though, Sheppard changed it up – he only had an acoustic guitar as accompaniment. Seamlessly molding what I would describe as a poignant slow jam to an acoustic masterpiece, Sheppard flawlessly won over the 100+ people in the audience. Not a sound was made in the duration of his four-song performance.

After a short break, Sons of Great Dane frontman, Brent Windler, swooped in. Windler’s gentle yet commanding voice struck a nerve with the audience, who could not look away. His songwriting is familiar, yet unique in its own right.

Bringing the night to a close was veteran songwriter Bob Walkenhorst and his daughter, Una Walkenhorst. The duo performed together a charming and quaint set of country infused folk music. The songs they played covered travel, beliefs, and everything in between. The wanderlust of these two was palpable.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: Playlistplay, Fine Dining ProductionsDo816, Boulevard Brewing, Virgin Mobile, and Night In Media and the hosts.