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Sofar Sounds Kansas City Recap 11/26/17: Foshee, Carlile, Carswell & Hope

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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Nick Howland

It’s unseasonably warm in KC. And though the locals have taken notice, it never really hit us until we walked into Horticulture KC, greeted by the warm scents of the season and a plethora of Christmas Trees and Santas. It’s a bit unusual for 150+ people to gather at such a place on a Sunday evening, but on this evening in particular, it made sense. Sofar Sounds Kansas City just turned one!

The crowd packed into an upstairs loft space in anticipation for the night. Carswell & Hope hit the stage first, sharing 4 songs full of intense dynamics and some of the best, most 70’s-ridden harmonies in KC. The act, performing as a three-piece, is working to regain their foothold in the KC music community, and it’s safe to say they won over the attendees.

By way of Chicago, Carlile was up next. Carlile’s bio reads, “Nu pop from Chicago. Lyrically inquisitive, sonically evocative.” And why reword something that so elegantly describes what we witnessed at Sofar. Carlile made use of samples, looping, strong bass riffs, and raw emotional energy to woo the captivated audience.

Closing the night was Foshee – the country/folk project from frontman Andrew Foshee. Foshee performed his quaint set with veteran musician Damon Bailey, both men absolutely crushing the guitar and dual vocal work. The conviction and charm in Foshee’s songs lulled the whole room, who fell silent for the whole set.

Without a hitch, the night dwindled. Crew, artists, and attendees all leaving happy. As our poster so eloquently stated: Sofar Sounds Kansas City has been doing cool shit for one year,” and we can’t be anymore excited for the future.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: Playlistplay, Do816, Boulevard Brewing, Virgin Mobile, and Night In Media and the hosts, Horticulture KC.