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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Jess Bonniwell

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve likely seen them in your local liquor store: those breathtakingly beautiful custom-etched wine bottles sporting the logo of your favorite MLB team, landmarks from your hometown, etc… Last Thursday evening, the Sofar Sounds KC crew took over the birthplace of these bottles, Mano’s Wine in the Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City. Upwards of 70 patrons streamed into the brand new tasting room of Mano’s eager to hear what music was in store.

Kicking off the night was Australian duo The Elliotts. Hailing from Melbourne, Robbie Elliott and James Howlett weave an intricate tapestry of soothing guitar and vocal harmonies. With hooks reminiscent of 60’s singer/songwriters, The Elliotts carry a timeless vibe with them.

Bringing things back to our own backyard, young songwriter Keaton Conrad followed the Elliotts. Conrad stripped his radio-ready indie pop sound back for this intimate experience. Pulling away his whirring sounds, Conrad performed as though seated around a campfire. For those familiar with his tracks, this was a great set.

Closing out the evening, Guys On A Bus; a young band from Joplin, Missouri. The quartet, much like Keaton Conrad, performed an array of what sounded like radio-read pop rock. Utilizing the small area they had to play in, Guys On A Bus radiated positive energy.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: Playlistplay, Fine Dining ProductionsDo816, Boulevard Brewing, Virgin Mobile, and Night In Media and the hosts.