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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Kara Love, Poster by Nick Howland

Kansas City’s brief dance with Spring had already ended by the time last Friday rolled around, and Sofar attendees embraced the full heat of Summer as musicians set the living room of the Playlistplay House ablaze. Guests found seating on couches, floors, and a stairway for the intimate event – with merch available in the kitchen – and cheerfully chatted away until the show began.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar and her voice, Mason Blaize was the first to take the stage. The 21 year old KC singer said this was her first Sofar experience and she was a little nervous, but no one could tell based on her performance. Hidden in Mason’s small stature is a powerful, soulful voice which lended itself perfectly to the blues and folk songs she chose for the evening. As the sun lowered over the span of her set, the only thing missing was a cold pitcher of sweet tea.

Next, Marmalakes kicked the party up a notch with energetic indie rock sounds. The Austin, TX group was excited to announce their first full length album was released that very same day, and the excitement flowed over into their set. The audience’s heads bobbed, air guitars were strummed, and bodies swayed to the rhythm throughout a spirited performance. Everyone came away a little bit rowdier and a lot sweatier.

Rounding out the evening was Nick Siegel. If you did not know anything about Nick, his choice of a button down shirt with tie for attire and only a keyboard as his instrument could’ve led one to assume he planned to lull us down with soothing piano music… But that’s not Nick’s style. After joyfully stating “These make me happy,” and passing out leis to guests, Nick tore into frantic piano numbers with the speed and dexterity of a young, chaotic Ben Folds. The audience’s jaws collectively dropped as he hammered away, rocking so hard during his last song that his glasses almost flew off. As the ashes of what once was Playlistplay House scattered around us, it was collectively decided this was a Sofar not soon to be forgotten.

Note: All allusions to the Playlistplay House burning to the ground from pure musical excellence are figurative. The house is still standing… probably.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: Playlistplay, Fine Dining ProductionsVirgin Mobile, and Night In Media .