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Photo gallery and story by Anna Selle, Poster by Jess Bonniwell.

The earliest guests to arrive at last Thursday’s Sofar Sounds were lucky enough to grab a seat in one of a handful of salon chairs at Calico Beard. The salon space and mercantile, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings, glowed with soft lighting that flowed between the stylists’ mirrors on opposite sides of the room. Warmth and positivity radiated through the space as Sofar Sounds KC hosted its first Pride Show in partnership with HearQueer, a publication that amplifies queer voices in music. As HearQueer co-founder Anna Selle noted, for the LGBTQIA+ community, pride isn’t only celebrated in the month of June. Instead, it’s something to be celebrated every day.

To kick off the night, Allison Gliesman performed a set as their solo project ‘sex ed’. As sex ed, Gliesman explores lyrical themes with a sardonic tone, backed by lo-fi melodic guitar riffs. Allison’s disarming nervous charm brought laughter from the packed room. Their voice floated and filled all empty spaces in the salon and drifted out onto the sidewalk through an open garage door on the back wall.

Lucas, a multi-instrumentalist, followed sex ed. While normally backed by a full-band, Lucas took the stage alone, playing deconstructed and reconstructed versions of his heavier all-instrumental tracks. After a quick toast of Rosé, Lucas brought Gliesman back onstage for a cover of Paramore’s ‘26’ from their 2017 LP After Laughter. To round out his set, Lucas invited Sofar Sounds KC emcee Tevin Williams to provide vocals for a song that the two recently co-wrote.

We finished out the night with The Black Creatures, a duo that defies genre and expectation. Jade Beomh’s vocals compliment Xavier Martin’s tracks as the two tackle subject matter ranging from sci-fi rooted love songs to police brutality and institutionalized violence in America. It’s not often that the crowd demands an encore at a Sofar show, but Thursday’s crowd was eager to hear just one more song from The Black Creatures, who happily obliged before ending their set.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: HearQueer, GuestlistFine Dining ProductionsNight In Media and the hosts, Calico Beard.