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Photo gallery by Anna Selle & Lucas Carpenter, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Jess Bonniwell

Johnson County is daunting for some. The Kansas City suburb on the Kansas side of the metro is large, sprawling, and bursting with people. But right off the highway, in a quiet little neighborhood, a group of 50+ people congregated in a living room.

Filling every nook and cranny of the gorgeous Overland Park home, music fans eagerly awaited the night’s entertainment; and they didn’t have to wait long. Miguel Caraballo, known as Middle Theory, got the night started with a somber Drake cover. Immediately going into his original music afterwards, Caraballo spoke – quite candidly – of his struggles with mental health and of his relationship with organized religion. The crowd was hooked.

Following the acoustic rock stylings of Middle Theory was Minneapolis solo act Dreamspook. Utilizing a variety of keyboards and gadgets, Dreamspook concocted some insanely smooth, slightly danceable, and unbelievably catchy pop songs. The layers and intricacies of each song lent well to the bedroom pop sound of Dreamspook, and even that was heightened in the jam-packed living room.

Closing out the evening in grand fashion was the charming Second Hand King and his backing band, the Lovers. Second Hand King and the Lovers have began making waves in Kansas City with their live interpretation of “Doo-Wap Rap”. Sounds strange, right? But it works, and it only works with the charisma the five men bring to the table. Joking, laughing, and smiling throughout their short set, Second Hand King won the crowd over and left everyone leaving happy.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank it’s sponsors: Playlistplay, GuestlistFine Dining Productions, and Night In Media; and thank you to the hosts.