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Photo gallery by Anna Selle, Story by Steven Ervay, Poster by Nick Howland

There are not many reasons for a group of 40 people to pack into a tight alleyway in Kansas City’s Crossroads on a Sunday in fall. This past Sunday was one of the exceptions. Eager music lovers coalesced into the Young Guns Longboards shop, located in the Bauer. On this night, things get spooky. It’s the Sofar Sounds KC halloween party.

Kicking off the night is a wildly eccentric, brilliantly charming indie rock outfit from Austin, Texas. The quintet, SMiiLE, ripped through their set, making every person in the audience beam with happiness. “I got these sunglasses at a gas station today. I think they’re my new look. What do you guys think,” – the crowd was hooked.

Hometown rock n’ roll hero Nathan Corsi curated a much different, butequally electric

set. Just a man and his guitar (and his Rick Sanchez costume) performing as if he was only singing to you. Corsi’s songwriting is both delicate and powerful. Drawing you in and encompassing your everything.

Closing out the increasingly chilly evening was Marianne Michaels. The young Kansas City singer-songwriter played a set with her father. The powerhouse singer charmed the audience with her country-tinged songs. A perfect ray of sunshine on a dark October night.

Sofar Sounds KC would like to thank Playlistplay, Do816, Boulevard Brewing, Virgin Mobile, and Night In Media.