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Genres are hard to quantify and they are getting harder and harder as music becomes easier and easier to make. But that’s not a bad thing; it just means there’s an abundance of music out there twisting together to form new treats for our ears. Daniel Feinberg’s music fits into genre twisting ear treat amalgamation. The Seattleite’s latest track “Elegy For My Band In An Antique Store” is a fine example of that, creating a distorted and jangly soundscape of marching instrumentation and almost spoken-word vocals.

Feinberg says of the track: “Elegy For My Band In An Antique Store” is a response to the poem “Elegy for Myself in an Antique Store,” by Marty Cain. I tried to capture the sound that I heard in my head after reading the poem. The song came together while I was making the album Seattle Sunrise with Lucas Kang, who did the mixing. Ultimately, “Elegy” didn’t fit the flow of the album, so I’m excited to share it on Playlistplay as a standalone track. The cover art is one of my favorite photos by Melanie Yaris.

Give a listen to an exclusive premiere of the track below and be sure to check out Feinberg’s full length Seattle Sunrise as well.